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The meeting room at the Hydra Ouled Fayet hotel

It is a place specially designed for holding work meetings, offices, general meetings, or something similar.
The furniture in the room is generally arranged in a U or even a round arrangement in order to allow better communication as well as emotional interaction between the participating members. These rooms are generally equipped with a blackboard / paperboard, a screen linked to a video projector and preferably linked to wifi.
For any hotel it is an almost indispensable installation for the establishment; Obviously many businessmen and women travel for the good of their various businesses, and when it comes to meetings there must be a special place with the right equipment for the perfect unfolding for the goods of the visitors of the hotel.
It can also be useful for a conference of journalists or the reception of a politician.
They come in different sizes and different capacities and of course different potentials; every single hotel has to have one.
At the Hydra hotel, you can find three conference rooms of 60 square meters.
Decorated with marble posts, which gives them a very chic appearance, they are very bright thanks to the five large windows of the rooms, and the latter of rectangular shape have:

  • Overhead projectors
  • Carton board
  • Video equipment
  • Screens
  • Audio system
  • Internet (free wifi service)
  • Coffee break services

With a table of the same shape as the rooms, they ensure that each of the participating members are face to face with their colleagues
For your meetings, symposiums or seminars, the Hydra hotel offers three fully equipped conference rooms that can accommodate up to 120 people in theater style.
They are available at ONE D’EQUIPEMENT A LOT 7 BP64 Terre, OuledFayet 16094, Algeria.

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